Blaue Frau

Digital marketing with limited resources

Blaue Frau is a professional feminist theatre group in Helsinki that has been creating norm-critical performance art around power and gender since 2005.

 Blaue Frau was created from the founders Joanna Wingren and Sonja Ahlfors’ need to create their own material and break free from the norms of the performing arts scene. To date Blaue Frau has taught acting, created thirty theatrical productions, produced a podcast, published the book “Någon hatar oss igen”, and made the TV show “The Micke & Steffe show” among other things.

The Tent

 The Tent is a participatory piece based on a meeting between two performers and a visitor with a question. The Tent was shown in Töölö in March through May of 2021. Lindebarn helped Blaue Frau to garner interest in the production by creating an advertising campaign on social media. 

”Once we started the campaign on social media we immediately saw a rise in visitors, everything sold out and we had a long waiting list! Because of the pandemic, and people’s hunger for events, we were able to reach new target groups and in the end we got an incredibly diverse audience” Joanna Wingren says about the marketing of The Tent.

Blaue Frau Tältet
Blaue Frau Taxen & Terriern

Taxen & Terriern

 Taxen & Terriern is a feminist and norm-critical podcast in Swedish that Blaue Frau has produced since 2015. The podcast covers both light-hearted and difficult topics from an oversharing perspective where Blaue Frau explore the borders between private, personal, and public.

During 2020-2021 Taxen & Terriern focused on the Corona crisis and was published in collaboration with HBL. Lindebarn created a social media advertising campaign during the summer of 2020 to attract more listeners in both Finland and Sweden. “After a long break we picked the podcast back up during the pandemic. The campaign we did during the summer was very successful, we had a large reach and got many new listeners. We usually work with Sweden in mind, but during the advertising campaign most of our listeners were actually from Sweden” Joanna Wingren says about Taxen & Terriern.

Open Call

In the creation of a new production about #metoo Blaue Frau made an open call for actors during the spring of 2021. To reach new actors outside of their own circles, Blaue Frau hired Lindebarn to create an ad-campaign on social media. The ads reached their target groups effectively, despite narrow criteria Blaue Frau got plenty of applications and were able to hire the perfect actors for their production. 

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Listen to the Taxen & Terriern -podcast here.

Photos: Liina Aalto-Setälä