Norex Selected Brands
& Viikon Viini

A comprehensive solution with successful SEO and Social Media

The challenge

Norex Selected Brands Oy were in need of more visibility and a new platform for Viikon Viini, their B2C marketing channel for advertising alcoholic beverages. Lindebarn was hired to create visibility and traffic to the page by creating a new social media marketing strategy, and by replacing the old Viikon Viini blog site with a new, fully optimized WordPress website. The purpose of the new website being to function as both a marketing channel and an e-commerce platform.   

A dynamic solution to improve visibility and traffic

The creation of the new Viikon Viini website and the implementation of the new SMM strategy began in late 2019. By January 2020 we at Lindebarn had also begun the search engine optimization of the entire webpage and all of its content. At the same time, we were faced with the task of creating visibility and generating traffic to Viikon Viini. The goal was to display the contents of the website, e.g. tips, recipes, and product listings, as high as possible in the organic search results on Google and make sure that the content frequently shows up to the right people, at the right time via sponsored content and ads on social media. 

After concluding the initial search engine optimization of the entire Viikon Viini page, Lindebarn continued with monthly upkeep of the webpage. The upkeep included continuous on-page, off-page, and technical optimization and we created Google My Business pages to improve local visibility. We combined this with monthly reports and personal consultation, competitor analyses, keyword research, monitoring mentions for the company’s brands, and recommendations for future content on the website – all according to our client’s needs and with the goal of claiming high placements for Viikon Viini in the organic search results. 

Norex Selected Brands Oy is one of Finland’s largest importers of alcoholic beverages. The family business was founded in 1981 and imports high quality alcoholic beverages from around the globe to customers like Alko, hotels, restaurants, and wholesalers. 

Viikon Viini is a webpage that hosts content around e.g. wine, drink and punch recipes, and tips on combining food and wine. Viikon Viini is run by Norex Selected Brands Oy and acts like a B2C marketing channel and e-commerce platform (via Alko) for the alcoholic beverages that Norex import to Finland.

The results

In 2019 we started working with Viikon Viini and launched a more active social media strategy. In the first year the ads reached 1,069 million people and got 17,4 million views. In 2020 the social media ads for Viikon Viini had a reach of 1,125 million, they got 22,9 million views and were clicked on 721 897 times. During this time there has been a significant rise in sales, a 400% growth in social media followers, and Viikon Viini has strengthened its position on the market – now getting up to 1500 visitors daily.

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growth in organic visitors

The continuous optimization of Viikon Viini’s website has also produced excellent results. In June of 2021 Viikon Viini ranked for 822 unique, organic keywords on Google, 65 % of which were on the first page of the search results. In the same month, these keywords helped give Viikon Viini a solid Click-Through Rate of 5,2 %.

The large increase in Viikon Viini’s visibility and page traffic shows especially well in the number of organic visitors on the website. There has been a sharp increase in the number of organic visitors since the project began, with notable peaks around traditional Finnish holidays like Christmas and Midsummer when marketing efforts are ramped up. All in all, the number of organic visitors on the Viikon Viini website has increased with over 2400 % from January 2020 to June 2021!

Graph organic visitors Viikon Viini Lindebarn