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About us

Lindebarn is an independent marketing agency based in Helsinki, Finland. Our customers are mainly small and medium-sized, but also large, Nordic companies. Our employees and freelancers operate all over Finland.

Lindebarn (officially New Finland Holdings Oy) was founded in 2016 by Marco Lindholm. For more info about our company, please visit our page on LinkedIn.

You reach us most easily via the website chat. As a customer, you have the opportunity to communicate through the customer portal.

If you are interested in our services, click the Get a free campaign-button and choose the appropriate time for a Google Meet. Lindebarn does not currently offer telephone service, but if you prefer to hold your meeting via telephone, you can provide us with your number and we’ll call you. If you want to start your first campaign as soon as possible, just select the Quick start-option.

About our services

Lindebarn offers two different digital marketing package solutions:

  • Advertiser Plus, which includes ads management on Facebook and Instagram, as well as advertising on Google as an additional option
  • Marketer Pro, which includes not only ad management but also social media wall posts and search engine optimization (SEO)

Read more on our Services & pricing-page.

Yes, both packages can be customized.

About working with us

No commitments. One month at a time. Stop whenever you want.

Your level of knowledge doesn’t matter much, it’s our job to help you.

However, if your knowledge about digital marketing is very limited and you want to learn more, we recommend that you check out the articles below. They can help you get a clearer idea of what we are doing.

As a customer, you always have access to statistics for your ongoing campaigns through the customer portal. In addition, a report will be sent to your email every week. If necessary, the report can also be sent daily.

During your monthly meeting with your personal marketing consultant, you will get help analyzing the statistics.

About our pricing

On our Services & pricingpage you can easily calculate  your monthly total. The pricing consists of two main parts:

  • the cost of Lindebarn ‘s work and
  • the advertising budget

The cost of our work is defined primarily by the number of campaigns we create and manage. The reason why we can keep our prices low is, among other things, that we strive to keep customer communication as efficient as possible.

The advertising budget is the amount you pay directly to Facebook and Google to promote your product. We strive to get you the best results possible within that budget.

In order for our work to be profitable for you, your Facebook and Google advertising budgets need to have a lower limit. The minimum budget is 100 euros / month in the Advertiser Plus package and 150 euros in Marketer Pro. Note, however, that with such small advertising budgets, what we can do is pretty limited. The bigger the budget, the better.

The size of your advertising budget determines:

  • how many different ad versions we can test (the more we can test, the more information we get for more effective advertising)
  • how much visibility we can get on Google
  • how successful results you can expect

How big your advertising budget should be depends on several things, such as what kind of product or service you sell, how much it costs, and how much competition you have in the market.

More information can be found in our article How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Successful results have to do with many different factors. Our team uses their ability and knowledge to achieve the advertising and content goals. There are, of course, no guarantees for success, but the likelihood for good marketing results increases when a good product meets the right kind of marketin.

For more info, we recommend that you read our article 11 tips to help you succeed with your Facebook marketing.

Resource package

Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Read our articles for more information on social media advertising, content production, how to raise brand awareness and reach the right audience.

Resource package

Marketing on Google

Utilize search engine advertising (SEM) and optimization (SEO) to ensure that your brand is displayed in the right place exactly when customers are searching for your services.

We build your first ad campaign free of charge.

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