11 tips to help you succeed with your Facebook marketing

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If you are to succeed with your marketing on channels such as Facebook, you must have knowledge and courage enough to invest in new opportunities. If you know what you are doing, Facebook as a marketing channel continues to offer plenty of value for money spent.

In this article, we have compiled 11 of our best tips for you who want to become better with your Facebook marketing. We hope you find them useful and enjoyable.

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Before you begin: Make your Facebook page look like your business

It is important that companies reflect what they really look like on social media. For example, when it comes to restaurants, it might be a good idea to try to arouse the same feelings in the visitors as when they enter the restaurant for the first time.

Feel free to strive for a visually aesthetic appearance. We usually recommend that you use the company logo as the profile picture. Also, think carefully about the type of image that works best as a cover image. The other images on the page may vary, but try aiming for visual consistency as much as possible.

1. Think and act locally

International chains and global companies should also act and think locally. Every wall post does not have to affect everyone, but it must always affect someone. If a brand is perceived as local, it creates a closeness to it, which in turn generates commitment and increases interest. Even large companies and brands can highlight local phenomena in their publications instead of always thinking about their entire audience.

2. Focus on your own audience

It’s about them, not about you. Focus on talking about things that the audience wants to hear. Do not bother people when they focus on things that they find interesting, instead try becoming the very thing that interests them. The content must be useful. Also, always be genuine, remember who you are talking to and why they should choose to follow your company. Your audience knows you and likes your service or product. For example, if you want people to eat at your restaurant, make them hungry and offer them food.

3. What is the purpose of the wall post?

Always set a goal for your posts and think about what you want to achieve with them. Do you want to drive traffic to an online shop or store? Is the post intended to be informative or simply bring joy? Maybe the customer is expected to react by participating in a competition? A goal does not even always have to lead to a measurable result, but setting some kind of goal always gives the posts a purpose.

4. Always include a CTA

Each post should have a clear CTA (Call To Action). What is expected of the customer? What do you want the customer to do after reading the post? Always convey the desired action clearly in the post. Keep the CTA as clear as possible and preferably only one per post.

5. Encourage people to genuine interaction

Facebook are investing heavily in genuine and relevant dialogue. However, it can be challenging for companies to get their followers to actively participate in relevant discussions. In the past, it has been easy to “squeeze” reactions from people, for example by encouraging them to participate in competitions. Qualitative competitions are likely to continue to work in the future as well, but they often risk becoming cheap “engagement hooks”, which is exactly the kind of content that Facebook is struggling to limit.

6. Be consistent

One of the most important factors of a working Facebook strategy is a consistent publishing rate. How often you publish is not as important as that you publish regularly. Avoid too long breaks and stick to the planned pace.

7. Recycle your successes

What kind of content has worked before? Analyze your past actions and learn from them. You do not always have to reinvent the wheel, you can often recycle old ideas. Everything that has proven to work should be used either as such or modified to new content based on the same idea.

8. Do not use everything you have produced right away

Although you may feel the urge to share all the new material as soon as it is ready, we recommend that you also save a little for later publications – which the exception of current events, of course. For example, if you are participating in a conversation about a current phenomenon, do not postpone the content, publish it right away.

9. Make a content plan and follow it

When you plan your strategy and content well in advance, you avoid stress and hastily compiled wall posts. Create a monthly content calendar and schedule completed publications. That way, content management on social media does not become a constant stress factor for your business.

10. Take advantage of current events

When it comes to current events, holidays and trends, you can either use them to support your strategy or use them creatively and go against the stream. Take advantage of special days when others do not and dare to engage in trends early.

11. Share the kind of content that your customers want

Focus on what your audience wants to know, not what you want to tell them. Solve their problems, generate enthusiasm and inspire them. Focus on the quality of your posts instead of the quantity. Always be selfless. Dare to speak constructively even when it feels uncomfortable, for example when your company is criticized. If your followers see the conversation as meaningful, they are more likely to participate in it.

Participation isn't free

Times have changed and the social media field is no longer quite the Wild West as it used to be. There are no magic tools and to make an impact and ensure that you are visible, you must be ready to spend money. That is why it is so important that the advertising money is placed correctly and not wasted on the wrong channels or the wrong audience.

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