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Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Create engagement, increase brand awareness and reach the right audience on the leading social media channels.

Why should you market on Facebook and Instagram?

There are almost 3 million Facebook users in Finland. For Instagram, the figure is nearly 2 million. These two social media channels, which are both owned by Facebook, offer excellent tools for marketers who want to increase brand awareness and target their advertising to specific audiences, both cost-effectively and with measurable results.

While there are many other useful social media channels for marketers – such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat – Facebook and Instagram are still considered the most important ones. While Facebook is becoming increasingly popular especially among older age groups, the use of Instagram is steadily increasing among the younger audiences.

Two channels. One platform.

Ever since Instagram became part of Facebook, marketing on both channels simultaneously has become easier and nowadays content and advertising for both channels is seamlessly managed from one place. Ads can be targeted to one or both channels, and the marketer no longer has to choose which app to use to see statistics and communicate with their followers.

With Lindebarn’s package solutions, you can easily reach your customers by advertising on both Facebook and Instagram. You can also outsource the management of wall posts. The articles on this page will help you better understand how your social media channels work and hopefully give you ideas for what might work best for your business.

The beginner's guide to
marketing on Facebook

The beginner's guide to
marketing on Instagram

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