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Almost all consumers use search engines when making purchasing decisions. Most find what they are looking for on the first page of search results, so a well-functioning search engine marketing strategy is very important for sales.

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SEM and SEO – what's the difference?

Search marketing consists of two parts: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or the paid part, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the unpaid (or organic) part.

In the Nordics, SEM usually refers to advertising carried out within the Google ecosystem, because Google is still by far the most used search engine.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is a tool that allows advertisers to create, measure, and edit ads. Google Ads allows advertisers to reach out to target customers with a variety of text-, image-, and video-based ads in Google’s large ecosystem.

At Lindebarn, we mainly focus on three types of Google ads:

  • Text-based search ads: Ads that appear in Google search results
  • Image-based Display Ads: Clickable image ads, or banners, that appear on millions of websites
  • YouTube Video Ads: Video ads that appear on YouTube

With our Advertiser Plus and Marketer Pro bundled solutions, you can easily include a search ad that appears in Google search results for your brand. We also offer the opportunity for deeper Google Ads-collaboration.

Search ads

Google’s text-based keyword-targeted ads appear alongside search results when users search for products or services. Your ad can appear if a user searches for words or sentences that match your keywords.

You only pay when you get results, such as visits to websites. You don’t pay if your ad doesn’t get clicked. Google’s keyword advertising business model works on a bidding basis. How much your ad clicks cost depends on how much your competitors have offered for the same word. In other words, the more popular the search terms, the more expensive the keyword advertising.

Display ads

Google Display Ads are displayed on more than two million web pages in the Google Display Network. The Display Network reaches more than 90 percent of Internet users worldwide. Make sure your ad is visible to the right audience when they visit news sites, websites, blogs, or Gmail and Youtube, for example.

YouTube-video ads

Video ads are shown to your target audience and you only pay for views. You pay nothing if a user skips your ad before the ad ends or before 30 seconds have elapsed. You can select the desired target group, for example, on the basis of objects of interest, age, gender and location.

Is SEM worth managing yourself or outsourcing?

Search engine marketing is usually worth outsourcing to a professional. While this will mean an additional cost in the short term, it will still be profitable, as ads will perform better and sales will increase as your marketing budget is used more effectively.

Companies need to consider several things when looking for a suitable SEM partner. These include e.g. the size of the company, target groups, marketing budget, number of products or services and whether or not the company has an online store.

Lindebarn’s SEM services are suitable for small and medium-sized online stores, as well as for companies of all sizes that want to strengthen their brands. It’s also easy to develop visually strong Display campaigns with us.

Lindebarn as your company’s Google partner?

With our Advertiser Plus- and Marketer Pro-solutions, we offer companies of all sizes help with SEM. In both packages, you can easily include a keyword ad that appears in Google search results for your brand. You are also welcome to discuss with us about deeper Search Engine Marketing collaboration possibilities.

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